Saturday, December 23, 2006


We arrived in Kochi yesterday afternoon. The town is small and quite, a welcome change from Mumbai. Last night the choir from a local catholic church sang carols. When they invited the public to join in Dad went right up. They gave him a mic and he was certainly the star of the evening. We met up with Ingo from the Bombay Buccaneers, the only other Rickshaw Runner in town, for dinner. Tom ,the head guy, will arrive on the 27th. This morning I'm off to buy a mobile phone while dad goes to church.

We found out some good news from the rickshaw run folks. We'll all be getting new rickshaws rather than used ones. After some research Tom found that most of the used rickshaws up for sale were repossessed from people who couldn't make their payments. As he put it, "supporting the trade that is screwing over the very people we are trying to help seemed a pretty cheap thing to do." This change means that every team now has to raise a toal of 800 pounds. But because all of you have been so generous we're still well over this goal. Thank You!

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