Wednesday, January 10, 2007


While Dad and I were struggling up that first mountain in our little tuk tuk my loving boyfriend Rod Farva made a wonderful theme song for To Be Sorted. Follow this link to sing along. Thanks to Patrick for giving us a way to finally get it up online.

Things are getting along now that Dad and I have returned to Seattle. Thank you all for your kind condolences.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Our Trip Comes to an Early End

On New Year's Day, at about six in the evening we pulled off a main road and putt-putt-putted to a stop. We wanted to stretch our legs and drinks some water before we drove the last 15km of the day into Nellore. It was just getting to be evening light.

As soon as the we switched off the engine we heard our phone ringing. Louise was calling and asked me if we were in a safe place. Yes, I told her. Then came the sad news: My dad had died just minutes before midnight on New Year's Eve. He had been in a hospital fighting a host of problems. At one point his heart failed him. The staff was able to revive him and, in fact, were returning him to ICU to be monitored when he had another arrest. This time the team wasn't able to bring him back. He slipped away.

I wasn't good for much except walking around aimlessly for a while. Susan and I hugged. We sat down on a small curb and I said a prayer for us and for Dad and for all who were grieving at the moment.

We drove to Nellore and found an excellent hotel - the best on our travels so far. For $35 we were put up in an AC room. It was truly a gift since both of us had a lot to process and plan. Susan was a huge help, making all the arrangements needed. I'll be home today at 2:30.

More later.

Dave and Susan.