Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas in Cochin

We are having a wonderful Christmas in Cochin (Kochi). I awoke to find a Christmas flip-flop stuck in the bars of our room's balcony window. ALL of my socks are in the laundry at the moment so a single sandal made do. Please note the traditional orange in the toe of the, ummm... "stocking."

We'd bought a small string of Christmas lights the night before and fashioned a Christmas "tree-like area" using the mirror and vanity stand in our room. This picture (below) was taken this morning after the highly skilled and always amazing Santa located us. Susan's stocking - empty just hours ago - was stuffed with stuff.

And there were wrapped presents, too!

One of Susan's treats was Ghandi nut balls, not something easily found in the Seattle area, I'm sure. Other items included a lethal looking "butter knife", strawberry chocolate coins (kind of a sick, translucent pink/white color) and copy-cat Wrigley's gum with Arabic text.

We met a new Rickshaw Run team at breakfast. The team, "She's a Goa", is a couple from London. So that makes six of us in town now. We went to the "mainland" by ferry today and spent Christmas - not unpleasantly, really - trading in our cheap cell phone (which broke after three calls!!) for a name-brand Nokia. At nearly twice the price we hope it will be more durable and reliable. I'm sure it will be.

Walking home from the ferry Susan met a friend.

And I have seen some cool looking birds.

There are Pua flower trees here. The petals are a delicate pink and oh so fragrant!

Tonight we will have dinner with the other four team members who are in town. I think two more arrive tonight. Susan and I both wish you each a Merry Christmas.

Flathead (aka, Dave)

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Father Kansas said...

Merry Christmas to Fastener and Flathead from the flatlands of Kansas. How nice of you to spend your Christmas on a noble venture. Hope everything goes swimmingly -except don't go swimming in elephant-sized canals, so to speak. We'll be following your progress northward. Again, Merry Christmas from your Sunflower State Support Team.