Wednesday, January 10, 2007


While Dad and I were struggling up that first mountain in our little tuk tuk my loving boyfriend Rod Farva made a wonderful theme song for To Be Sorted. Follow this link to sing along. Thanks to Patrick for giving us a way to finally get it up online.

Things are getting along now that Dad and I have returned to Seattle. Thank you all for your kind condolences.


Mischief said...

Condolences from the Dosa Boys guys.

Sorry you had to drop out of the run but hope you get another crack at it some time.

My favourite team by far.

Team Curried Away said...

Hi guys,

Such a shame you couldn't make it. You'll be pleased to know that your ric (aka converta-ric) was the talk of Darjeeling! In fact due to its popularity it was the choice vehicle for the camera crews so hopefully should get a good viewing on the forthcoming tv show.

It was great spending the time we did together,

All the best from the Team Curried Away boys

Rich - Team Curried Away said...

Hi guys. I thought you'd be interested to see this post that I've just written on our website....its the story behind the red rickshaw

Feel free to use it on your own site too. It was a pleasure finishing the journey that you guys started. I'm so sorry you couldn't stay with the rickshaw the whole way, but we're proud to have delivered it for you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan
Hi Dave

How's it going?

Didn't really want to leave my email address on here before, just incase. There's a Rickshaw Veterans Group on though - we could get back in touch through there.


Mike Hall
(Bhangra Knights)

Anonymous said...

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