Sunday, December 17, 2006

Would you like ice with that?

I have been here four days and have really enjoyed getting to know people in the neighborhood of our hotel. Each day and couple nights I've walked two or three miles up and down the main road and side streets, exploring and talking to people.

This enterprising guy buys a huge chunk of ice from somewhere and then hauls it to "his" little piece of "sidewalk" to sell piece-meal. Yup, it's sitting right there on the ground in the dirt and whatever. And "whatever" covers a lot of stuff, believe me.

Susan and I are staying in an industrial, not a tourist area. In my days here I have walked past thousands and thousands of people and not seen a single Caucasian face. Not one. That is pretty amazing when you think about it! I didn't think about it until about the third day and I said to myself, hmmm, Dave, you haven't seen anyone of Finnish heritage yet.

Susan arrived early, early this morning. Today we went into downtown Bombay (much more diverse) and plan to go to the Gateway to India monument in just a bit. It is a stretch of ocean front where people stroll in the evening and visit the various vendors along the boardwalk. I read in an article that it is the place to get your ears professionally cleaned. Of COURSE I'll have to try out this unique service!

We are doing well. Loving the people-side of India very, very much.


self_invasion said...

ooh jealousy!
my ears are filthy.
do they use candles?
or just the scoops
and feathers?
nice post, dad,
keep it up!
i love you.
send me postcards.
i got a kick out
of the venice ones.

rasvindra said...

Hello. I saw Susan in Seattle a couple days before she left to India. I was born in India and was instantly curious about this adventure you two are on. I'm glad to hear that you are experiencing the real street life. My name is Ravi. I met Susan at GHC getting her immunizations for the trip. I wish you well and hope you stay healthy for the duration. India is rich with culture and history. This should be a great experience in broadening your comfort zones. I will stay in touch and look forward to hearing about your adventure.

James S. said...

Dude, Susan, you guys are awesome, and your dad's comics are brilliant. I can't wait to read about the rest of your adventures!

captain chaos said...

Ice wallah...
very helpful to fill the cold box full of beer in the back of a rickshaw...

but i think you need to find a good map wallah...

i may find a good map - and possibly show it to you in cochin....
see you there


Fastener said...

It's so good to hear form you guys! Thanks for leaving comments, I have no idea how many people check the blog. Photos will be up soon, the USB drive dongle is having trouble.