Friday, December 22, 2006


As we drove up to the domestic terminal of the Delhi airport I noticed an array of cameras and news crews set up along the curb. Just outside the main door was a small mob of people yelling and chanting insistently.

Inside the airport a little sign noted: No Snack Stand Beyond Security. No big deal, we thought, it's only half an hour until our flight. As we crossed the threshold into the waiting area the reality sunk in. We listened as flight after flight was delayed by the fog hanging over the airport. We held onto the hope that ours would make it out - the status screen still listed us as on time.

Two hours after the scheduled departure it still cheerfully listed our flight as on time. Rumors of airport retaliation against the protesters spread. Apparently the demonstrators were frustrated at unexplained cancellations and false promises of refunds. I don't know what was going on outside the terminal but the mood at the gates was tense. Once we finally took off the pilot came on the intercom and voiced his annoyance that we'd been delayed. He said the weather was no reason to delay flights. There was definitely something strange afoot at the Delhi airport this morning.

The delay caused us to miss our connection in Mumbai to Kochi but we've been re-booked onto tomorrows flight.

So for a second time To be Sorted plans on arriving in Kochi tomorrow!

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perpetual huddle said...

the mob mentality-
mom and i are about
to step into the maw
of downtown christmas
shopping... so
we will feel your pain...
sort of...