Sunday, November 19, 2006

What does one say at a time like this?

The night before Dad and Mom leave:

Me: "What are you working on?"
Dad: "Oh I'm making up custom luggage tags for each individual piece of luggage in case we lose them."
There are at least 8 unique color coded tags coming off the printer.
Me: "Oh? How many bags are you taking to India?"
Dad: "One."

Me: "What are these blue containers for, I like them?"
Dad: "They're waterproof!"
Me: "Cool! What are you puttin' in them?"
Dad: "Oh I don't know. I like to choose containers first then what to put in them."

Dad, carrying an old carwash shammy: "Is this iron hot?"
Mom: "No."
Dad: "Well I wish it was."
He turns on the iron and presses it.

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