Friday, November 17, 2006


One night a couple of months ago I approached my father.
"Dad," I said.
"Dad, will do the the Rickshaw Run with me? We'll take a
rickshaw across the entire sub-continent of India as fast as we
possibly can."
"Do we trade off?"
"Yea, we'll switch off who's driving."
"Then No," he said.
That, I thought was the end of the story. I left the room in utter disbelief. Didn't he want to know more? Wasn't he intrigued by the invitation? How could he not want to be my co-driver?
It took me a few hours before I realized my mistake. I padded back down the hall.
"You know you don't have to exercise right? They're auto-rickshaws."
"Oh really? Then yes. Let's go."

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