Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Dusty Gautlets

To Be Sorted can no-longer expect to put merely our pride on the line come December 27. Honor, wealth, and women are not acceptable stakes. No. We must put our very humanity on the line. If we are to be real Autorickshaw drivers we are called to wager our thumbs. The very thing which brought the human race to our current evolutionary glory. Our opposable masterwork.

The appendages of many high profile racer lie limp in the dirt in the name of this longstanding Indian tradition. The loser of a major race is left unable to operate a rickshaw for the rest of his shameful life. Certainly 2,000 miles is a major race. Certainly we are high profile racers. But can I be certain To Be Sorted will not be forced to cut off our own thumbs?

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Fastener said...

For an intense picture and more check out http://www.scottcarneyonline.com/blog/2006/09/rickshaw-race-yakuza.html